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Your Simplified Guide to Injection Molding and Rotomolding!

In simpler terms, plastic molding can be defined as the processes and techniques that are involved in making plastic parts. Regardless of the technique, the process of plastic molding involves shaping liquid material in a mold or matrix, usually in an oven. All forms of plastic form use some form of heat and pressure to produce the end product. In this post, we will discuss two important techniques – injection molding and rotational molding.

Rotational molding

Also known as rotomolding, rotational molding is extensively for producing large and hollow products, with even wall thickness. The process is rather simple – A liquid resin or powder material is placed in a metal mold, which is then rotated bi-axially in an oven. This step helps in coating the entire inner surface of the mold, after which the mold is taken out and cooled out to take out the final product.

More on rotomolding

For a number of products, rotational molding works better because there is little or no material wastage, and the remainder material can be reused further. Right from storage tanks, manholes to pet houses and precision plastic parts, a lot of products can be made with rotational molding, making it a versatile choice for varied production needs. The mold can be customized effectively without escalating the costs, and it is possible to get the right contours and curves as required. Also, if you consider the tooling costs, you will save somewhere around 50% or more as compared to injection molding. You can check with known manufacturers such as Fibertechinc.net to know more.

Injection molding

Injection molding is another popular technique for making custom plastic products. The process basically involves injecting molten plastic material into a metal mold at a very high pressure. The material then gets into the shape of the mold, which is then cooled and the plastic product is taken out. More often than not, injection molding is extensively used for making large orders. There are larger machines for the process, which can get large custom car parts, while the smaller ones are often used for making medical essentials. As far as design variations is concerned, injection molding is quite effective, but the cost of making the mold and other tooling costs can be higher, and therefore, this isn’t the perfect choice for smaller needs. The production process also requires more time.

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