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Window Security Systems for Businesses

If you own a business with physical premises you’ll know all about putting time and money into your security systems. Security is an important part of any business plan as you are protecting your assets from theft and potential damage, which can be life altering. There is a route that many don’t immediately think of, as an added layer of security on top of the usual alarm systems, intercoms and CCTV applications. High quality window security systems can make a huge difference to the level of security you have applied at your place of work, saving you money and preventing damage for the long-term.

Intruders who look to gain access to your business premises through the windows will be adding damage through the smashing of glass. Smashed windows are a cost in itself to a business owner, having to replace them will take time and money. Add to that the dangers of broken glass to any one walking near to those windows and it is immediately a health risk. Once an intruder has entered the building they are likely to either steal valuable items, or damage property, or both. Burglary can have a crippling effect on a business, especially if it is a start-up or growing business.

How can a window defence system help you as a business owner?

Firstly, a window defence system comprises of a window film vinyl applied to the surface of the glass that is anchored to the window frame and acts as a shield to protect the whole window. This acts in a number of ways. If an intruder is trying to smash the window when someone is inside, the interior will be protected from the effects of flying, shattered glass, as this will no longer happen. The glass will remain together, rather than shattering into many tiny pieces. This has the added effect of slowing down or entirely preventing an intruder from entering through the window, as the glass pane will give the impression it is buckling, but won’t fall apart as long as the window film is in place.

Adding window film to a place of business helps in a few other ways too. You can add a layer of protection from harmful UV rays. So your staff can sit comfortably in the office without having to worry about the glare on their screens from direct sunlight through the window, or the problems faced when documents and furniture fades after being exposed to sunlight for long periods of time.

A window defence system can incorporate the branding of your company, so your colours and themes, looking like an innocuous marketing material, rather than a strong layer of defence to protect against the smashing of the window itself.

As a business owner it is crucial you look at all angles to protect your business. By adding a window defence system to the building you are thinking long-term, protecting your staff, your documents and furnishings as well as preventing burglary and vandalism through a sturdy system of shatter-proof glass.

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