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Why Having a Water Pressure Booster Pump is a Must

What is a Booster Pump?

A booster pump is a kind of centrifugal pump which is used to surge the water pressure in the pipeline. These pumps are usually used where the service of more than one pump is required. There are different kinds of pumps available in the market like multistage, end suction, vertical turbine, and horizontal split case which are totally dependent on the need of both flow and head.

Domestic water booster sets are also utilized in many applications and can also be used in combination with vertical turbine pumps or vertical submersible pumps to boost the pressure (head) of irrigation or drinking water pumped more extensively from the wells.


As mentioned above, most of them are centrifugal pumps and they are totally dependent upon one or more impellers for drawing pumped water. It also assists in increasing the pressure when the water flows through the impeller and volute. Many of them are single stage meaning that there is only one impeller. This type of pump is being put to use in places where the needed head is not considered that important. Multi-stage configurations include more than one impeller which is used for delivering elevated heads.

Benefits of Booster Sets

Booster pump sets bestow us with so many benefits and these are the reasons why they are used by some many households all over the world. Read on for the benefits.

  1. First things first. The booster pumps help in boosting up your water supply. This also assists you in enjoying the constant and pressurized supply of water in your taps, showerheads, and other faucets in your house.
  2. Majority of the booster pumps bear compact size. This particular feature helps in easy transportation of the pump from one location to another. In addition to this, it also helps in easy installation.
  3. The majority of the domestic water booster sets are compact in size. This very feature assists in the easy transportation of the pump from one location to another. Besides the easy transportation, it also aids in the easy installation of domestic water booster sets.

  1. Domestic water booster sets are designed in such a way that they cater to a variety of applications which comprises commercial, residential, and industrial as well. No matter where the pumps are being utilized, the efficiency of these booster sets are never compromised.

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