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What Is Racketeering?

Many people have a common question i.e. What is racketeering? Well, there has been so much of confusion going on around as to what this term actually means. Racketeering is most often linked with an organized crime. It is an act of offering any kind of illegal or dishonest service for solving an issue that would have not existed if the enterprise that offered the service had not offered the same.

The term Racketeering as defined by the very popular RICO act that basically has a list of nearly 35 crimes. In case someone is convicted of racketeering, then the person can end up serving around 20 plus years in the jail and will be fined around $25,000.

One of the best examples of racket is given here. If a big group of persons cut off the tires of the car on a street and then this same set of people offer protection service to the car owners for a fixed rate, it is racketeering This aptly defines a racket because if the team of people had not done the damage, then there would have not been the demand for this so-called protection.

DUI (Driving under the Influence) is basically a crime of operating the vehicle when impaired by some drugs or alcohol to that level, which renders the driver incapable of running the vehicle safely. Those people who get multiple DUI offenses are most often the ones that are alcohol addicts. The traffic accidents are mainly caused because of the DUI; there have been a lot of cases that have been registered for DUI in the United States.

DUI or any sort of alcohol-related accidents cost an approximate damage of around $50 billion each and every year. There are some really good lawyers who can help you if you are held for DUI. United States has some of the best lawyers, especially the Phoenix DUI Attorney are certainly the best when it comes to handling such cases.

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