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What Are The Features Of Adhaar Card?

It is mandatory for the Indian citizens to have their individual Adhaar cards. It is a 12-digit random number that is issued by the UIDAI. Indian citizens irrespective of age and sex can voluntarily enroll to acquire the Adhaar number. The Indian government offers the facility of online application through their official portals and applicants can easily download the Adhaar card online and they can also get access to the eAdhaar card that are also widespread nowadays. Having an Adhaar card is a must for the Indian citizens not only to obtain their universal identification number but it is also important for getting the monthly subsidy on the LPGs, while applying for a locker in any bank, to open an account, for receiving pension, and for any kind of work related to the government.

The exclusive features of the Adhaar card are discussed in the following—

It is unique

The Adhaar card is prepared through the de-duplication procedure. It is done with the demographic and biometric data of the individuals. It is the responsibility of the UIDAI to verify the collected data with the records they have in the database. That’s why, a person can apply for the Adhaar once and each person should have one Adhaar card as it cannot be duplicated for the use of de-duplication process. If any citizen applies for the Adhaar twice, the later will be rejected.

Random number

The unique number which is given with the Adhaar card is a random number devoid of any intelligence. Any Indian citizen can enroll for the unique number by providing the demographic and biometric data of his or her own. The whole process is not restricted to age, gender, caste, religion, health, location, geography and so on.

Open source technology

The Adhaar process is kept in the realm of open source architecture allowing the coexistence of the heterogeneous hardware under the same roof. Open source architecture is not restricted with any definite OS or any particular vendor technology to scale. Rather it is allowed to keep in a neutral manner for the co-existence various hardware.


Indian citizens have the permission to carry the Adhaar card whenever they travel interstate. It is accredited nationwide and perhaps the most significant identity proof of the citizens in the present times.

The Indian residents with an Adhaar number are facilitated with the subsidies, Janadhan Yojana, financial aids for rural developments and for doing any official jobs.

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