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What are the different types of Chocolates available?

Chocolates are perhaps the finest sweet delicacies appreciated and loved by people of all ages globally. To satisfy your sweet tooth, nothing matches the intensity of chocolate whether dark or white. Though the main ingredient is taken by grounding the unsweetened cocoa bean powder but the major task remains for the chef who makes the chocolate.

The world’s finest chocolate makers have their secret recipes based on which their businesses are running for generations. People buy private label chocolate of their favorite brands. In the recent past, passionate chefs are also trying their hands in preparing different types of chocolates by blending the tastes of other ingredients as well. Whether they give it a shape of molten chocolate or solid, the aim is to serve the finest delicacy to their customers looking ahead to satisfy their taste buds with their favorite chocolate.

Before you start exploring the different types of chocolates available, you must be informed first that chocolates are found in two different varieties. One is the Dutch where the chocolate is alkalized while the other one is the natural variety. The alkalized chocolates are blended with other ingredients for making it smoother and lighter and mild. While the natural ones are less sweet and leave a pronounced mark on the taste bud. The later has a strong flavor indeed.

Here, we are about to focus on the variety of chocolates found and have been famous for the unique flavors—

Bitter Chocolate

Sounds crazy but yes, there are bitter chocolates prepared from the pure cocoa liquor collected from the ground cocoa beans. This chocolate is not for eating directly, it is rather prepared for the cooking and primarily baking purpose. It leaves a deep flavor and it is the primary ingredient in making any chocolate except the white ones.

Dark Chocolate

Cocoa butter, sugar, vanilla, lecithin, and cocoa liquor are the primary ingredients in making the dark chocolates. No milk is added in preparing the dark chocolate for giving it the dark look it has.

Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate is one of the most popular mild chocolates that are appreciated globally. With only 12% of chocolate content, the king ingredient is condensed milk and milk solids. Here, the chocolate liquor is also used to give pour in the chocolaty flavor.

Gianduja Chocolate

This is mainly the preparation where nut paste or solid nuts are added in making the chocolate.

These are some of the different types of chocolates.

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