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Suspecting Foundation Damage? Ask For An Assessment Now!

The entire structure of your house stands on the foundation, and therefore, any damage to the foundation should be taken seriously. In case of a problem, you may find signs of damage, such as cracks on the walls, floor and exterior walls, besides other signs like uneven floors and chimney alignment. In such cases, the first step is to find a contractor that can offer foundation inspections.

Below are some of the important things you need to know.

Don’t delay things

Most homeowners make the mistake of ignoring the first signs of foundation damage. If you keep delaying the problem, you may have to pay a huge amount in the repairs, and foundation repair is anything but cheap. To top it all, the cost is not covered under insurance, so in a way, you have to arrange the finances, which is only possible when you have an estimate. If the problem is addressed right away, you can expect to reduce the expenses related to the job considerably.

Seeking help

There are many companies that deal in foundation repair, but a number of them are not interested in residential work. Ask around to find foundation repair companies that can be trusted for the job. Talk to your neighbors, friends and colleagues to know more. If a contractor deals in commercial and residential repairs at the same time, it is always an added advantage, because you can trust the company for its expertise.

Getting an assessment done

Usually, foundation repair companies send their experts to check the situation. They will take a note of the actual signs, and based on that, they will determine the actual problem and the extent of the damage. Some contractors do charge for such estimates, while others offer it for free. For obvious reasons, you need the latter. A professional company will not charge for the inspection, but they may include a small fee for the same, if the job is not extensive. For large jobs, the estimate is offered free.

Repairing the foundation

Once you know the price, check with the concerned contractor to know if they can help with financing. You may also want to check the amount that must be paid immediately. When the foundation is being repaired, make it a point to be personally present, so that you can discuss the work and find more about the job at hand.

If you are unsure of a service, ask for references!

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