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Reasons to Shred Important Business Documents

Every office space and work location is full of paper documents. Not all of them contain sensitive and pertinent information but many of them would hold important information should they get into the wrong hands. In these instances it is important to employ a shredding service to dispose of business documents that you have built up and stored.

Documents that should be shredded when they are no longer needed can include lists of customers, payroll document, credit card information, personal information relating to customers that are no longer in business with you, out of date supplier information and agreements that have already been digitised. There are a few reasons why you should be shredding business documents, and here they are.

Identity Theft – The threat of your identity being stolen is a real one, and it isn’t just through online hacks and the like that enable those looking to steal your identity can get access. Business documents can contain so much personal information about clients, staff members, credit card information, and other types of information that can easily be used if stolen. Shredding documents when they are no longer needed is a great start to ensuring you are doing everything you can to reduce the risk of identity theft.

Customer Privacy – You are only allowed to retain certain types of information about your customers for a period of time where it is pertinent to your business operations. Once this time limit is over you have to dispose of that information in a secure way, with shredding the most complete option for this. There are also times when staff members will write down information that they shouldn’t, shredding instantly is a good way to protect customers privacy.

Employee Privacy – In much the same way it is important that your employees understand that you are looking after their privacy. Items that have run out of date or use should be disposed of via shredding to be as secure as possible. This can include employee attendance records, health information, photo IDs, time cards, payslips and the like. Disposing of this information securely protects your employee’s identity and privacy.

Think of the Office Space – It’s easy for business documents to pile up and take up untold areas of a business premises over time. By having in place a stringent and regular shredding policy of all business documents that you no longer need to store on-site will free up large areas that you had forgotten existed! Use that space to make your company money, rather than allowing the paper to pile up and create a dead space in your office that is costing you money, rather than making you money.

These are just a few reasons why you should consider a regular agreement with a document shredding company to dispose of business documents.

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