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Moving your business online, in more ways than you think…

As the digital age continues to gather pace, more and more services and businesses are moving to an online space to market their activities and connect and engage with their clients. We have all experienced the benefits of really exciting Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat content, for example either to sell our products or to be sold to. Targeted marketing has the unique ability to intrigue and annoy too as companies use our browsing habits to point products to us when we least expect it. Whilst there are the inevitable debates around online privacy and the invasive nature of these ads, you simply cannot deny that the internet is a powerful tool when it comes to digital marketing.

But then we already knew that, right? So, how can the internet help you elsewhere? Are there more elements of your business that you can, and should, be taking online?

Here we explore just a couple of the wide range of options.

First, there is online customer service. How often to we visit the website of a utilities supplier, or our mobile phone provider and use the online chat function to discuss our needs with a customer support agent? If you have telephone based support, why not implement an online system to work in tandem with the telephones to provide a broader scope of contact options for your customers and suppliers alike. There are many hosted services that can provide a solution that you can integrate right into your website easily and quickly.

Relationship management

Another example is in your relationship management solutions. Be that with clients, suppliers or new contracts, how many times have we developed and struggled with spreadsheets to manage processes or departmental contacts only to drop the ball at the crucial moment. Luckily, again, the online world provides solutions to that. Companies such as ScanMarket, for example, provide online solutions which work in tandem with your business ensuring that your needs are met and compliance is managed without all the extra input from you. ScanMarket.com is an e-sourcing platform which allows you to source new suppliers and products from your business right from bid to contract and due diligence. With their online service, you really wouldn’t have to look elsewhere to source your next supplier.

Heading into the Cloud

With the rise of cloud based apps and storage, there are also many ways in which you can streamline the productivity of your business, whether you are in an office of three or twenty countries, solutions such as the Office 365 suite, which offer cloud based storage, apps and shared content are a perfect way to allow the flow of work to move through your business quickly, easily and without conflicting drafts or edits.

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