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Know About Targeted Marketing Lists and its Types

Targeted marketing is a type of direct marketing service when the company strategizes to send its advertising mails to the customers segmented according to demographical, geographical psychological filters etc. Since the targeted mail is more relevant to the customers, it is prone to generate more response from them. On the other hand, it is much expensive than saturation mailing, keeping in mind the strenuous segmentation and research. Examples of Targeted marketing lists are mailing postcards, informational brochures etc. You can find more kinds of the same at www.uspresort.com.

Pros of targeted mailing lists are as follows:

  • Flexibility in segmenting your lists
  • Flexibility is reaching a broader and more specific audience
  • Provides an opportunity for personalized messaging a.k.a. variable printing
  • Response rate is far better than saturation mailing

USPS Delivery Options available for targeted marketing

  • First class delivery services
  • Priority mailing
  • Marketing mail aka Standard mail

Now talking about targeting marketing lists, it roots down to three main categories:

  • Compiled Mailing List – Compiled Mailing list is a type of targeted mailing list which comprises of a list of people and demographical factors accumulated from private and public sources like telephone listings, voter details, self-reported surveys etc. Compiled mailing list typically offers a broad coverage of geography and higher volume than other types of mailing lists. This type of mailing lists is usually subdivided into sections to make segmenting process a tad bit easier. Lists like new parents, new movers and homeowners permits a small business venture to focus on customers which sometimes help in meeting its target criteria cost-efficient. A compiled mailing list particularly comes handy when the reach is subjected to a well-defined segment.

Say, for example, children’s educational toys’ manufacturer finds the use of a new-parents list more cost-effective and necessary than a general compiled list.

  • House Mailing List – House mailing list is a type of targeted mailing list which focuses on the in-house proprietary customer or the lists of subscribers of a company or publication. If this is managed efficiently, an in-house mailing list always comes in handy.

  • Response Mailing List – Response mailing list is a type of targeted mailing list which comprises of the names of people who have responded to the company’s particular offer. These replies could be from buyers, inquirers, subscribers, sweepstakes entrants or members of a club (namely video clubs, book clubs etc.)

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