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How Your CRM System Can Be Used for Marketing

The main purpose of a CRM is to manage your customers by tracking sales and communications, whether it’s emails, letters or calls and complaints.

However, you can also use the data your CRM collects to do some clever marketing. Find out how by reading this article.

Separate customers

Use the data on the CRM to separate your customers. Let’s use a clothing store as an example.

The easiest way to create segments would be to separate customers as male or female. You can email women’s clothes promotions to the women and men’s clothes promotions to the men.

But a good CRM records more! Some customers only buy when you run a site-wide sale on your products. Other customers buy when you send them a promotion code or offer free delivery. Use this data to send them different offers that are more likely to have customers buying.

Follow ups

Following up with customers after they’ve bought something might already be part of your CRM software. You send them an email to check that the product arrived or a “thank you for subscribing” email if they sign up to your newsletter, for example.

Use these follow up communications to boost marketing. In the email that checks if their product arrived, ask them to also leave you a review on a website. Good reviews often make new customers more inclined to buy!

The email you send when people subscribe is also a good opportunity to send promotions. Send them a thank you code for a percentage off, or use the email to let them know that new stock will be arriving at the end of the week. Get creative with the follow ups – you can set your CRM to auto email customers and make marketing more streamlined!


Use the CRM to do marketing on a customer by customer basis. Pull up a single customer file on the CRM and create bespoke marketing material for that customer. See what promotional emails they’ve been sent before and the products they like buying. From this, create a letter or call them to offer a discount on a new version of the product they like buying.

This might seem extreme, but when that customer is worth millions to your business because of how much they buy, then suddenly a little extra effort becomes worth it! A CRM which holds all their details in one place makes this an easy thing to do – have a look at the analysis tools on web CRM’s software, for example. You can use it to create segments of customers that buy certain products for emails and start micro-managing those top clients that need extra attention. You can see more here.

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