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How You Can Design And Print Your Personal Tee Shirt

A great deal cooler than knitting your personal scarf…

If you’ve ever purchased a t-shirt for thirty pounds approximately after which reduced it within the wash or left it at the health club you may be interested to understand how to design and print your personal t-shirts so that you can cut costs later on. The t-kit is an legendary outfit of clothing which has grown with the ranks of clothing hierarchy from as being a lowly undergarment to to be the ornament we all know and love today. With somewhat inspiration, some effort and a few paint you may create your personal bit of clothing fit for just about any high-street shelf.

Here’s some step-by-step advice regarding how to design and print your personal awesome t-shirt.


Getting a concept may be the tricky part. Think what type of t-shirt you need to make first. Would you like so that it is awesome, funny, offensive or would you like to utilize it to exhibit people what football team or band you want. Once you have made the decision next select a word or perhaps an image that best portrays your idea inside a easy and apparent way. Ensure that is stays simple can make the look stage simpler.


The 2nd factor you must do is develop design you want. You actually may use everything from your idea what is actually effective is really a awesome contemporary design which utilizes the color from the t-shirt included in the design and isn’t only a solid image slapped around the front. Doodle some images in writing, then pick your favourite one and paint it in colour. You shouldn’t be afraid to test out crazy colours because the bolder your design the greater. Although do not use clashing colours. Funny tshirts and offensive t-shirts are good but you’re always more prone to put on awesome tshirts.


Now you must your design all that you should do is get the blank t-shirt and print your design about it. Screen printing may be the best method. There are numerous excellent videos online which takes you thru this step-by-step but essentially you have to print your design onto obvious plastic paper, obtain a silk screen that is a bit of nylon (like tights) stretch like canvass inside a frame. Then acquire some emulsion paint along with a scoop coater, scrape the paint within the screen and then leave to dry. Put the print more than a strong flat source of light and put the screen on the top of this and weigh it lower having a thick wood. Switch on the sunshine to lose your pattern in the plastic paper, with the emulsion, departing an ideal withdrawn from your design in your screen. Now this can be used to press ink using your screen and on your t-shirt. Hey Presto!

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