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Here’s why Your Business Should Spend On Data Destruction Services!

Every business records data and information in two major ways – on paper and on computer. In most industries, a mix of both is used to store and record valuable data and information. As we all know, business data is never safe. Everything that’s recorded on a computer is vulnerable to many security threats, and there are endless programs and software solutions that can be used to recover data, even when you have deleted the files permanently. This is precisely where you must think of data destruction services. In this post, we will discuss a few aspects that may help in taking a call.

Disposing your unwanted data effectively

Deleting files from your computer is not data destruction. Recovering those files may be a matter of minutes for any hacker who has been given the job. Business computers contain considerable amount of data, including details and information that are susceptible to misuse and unauthorized access. Data destruction companies follow certain protocols, which help in removing data in the most effective way possible. As for paper waste, shredding is still the best choice, and there are companies that can get the job done at a much lesser cost at your workplace.

Understanding data destruction

Every company that deals with data destruction has its own protocols and approach to the job. The best services like to follow a method, where the hard drive is cleaned and wiped at least thrice. Additional software solutions help in verifying these wipes, so that the information contained in those drives remain inaccessible forever. Before you go for electronic data destruction, you should know that cleaning hard drives is more expensive than shredding paper, but for most businesses, this kind of expense is not a choice anymore. If you don’t need the hard drive anymore, the concerned company can get rid of it, as well.

Finding a service

Today, there are numerous data destruction services around, but not all are same. You need to check if the company is licensed and insured and whether they have been certified by the local, federal and state governmental bodies. While data destruction is an expensive process, you can go for a yearly contract, which might be cheaper. Also, do check if the company is open to offer a free estimate in advance with the terms and conditions of their services.

As a client, you can also ask them about their protocols and if they deal with e-waste management!.

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