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Heat Press 15×15

As we all know, heat press is a machine containing a platen that is a heated metal surface and is engineered to imprint a design on a substrate. The design gets imprinted by a perfect combination of large heating surface, the pressure applied, and the temperature controlled precisely.

Heat presses have a variety of applications right from printing perfect designs on garments to creating customised gift items. The problem is that there are so many options available to choose from that the user at times gets overwhelmed. You have to decide the particular model based on your requirements. If you want a heavy duty one then you can go for heat press 15×15, else you can settle for lower end models.

There is clamshell heat press that opens vertically. So, here the user has access to the item that is placed under the platen. Then there is a swing-away model. This is good as here the platen can swing on sides, which give more access to the material that needs to be imprinted and also it is better for the precise placement of the graphic that needs to be imprinted.

Then there are specialised heat presses that are customised according to the specific requirement. Like for instance, if you need to print around a coffee mug then mug presses are there. Here the platen is wrapped around or engulfs the mug.

If you have pressed something wrong or need to change for some other reason, then too there is nothing to worry. There’s heat transfer vinyl remover, which is capable of removing the imprints from most fabrics and the best part is that no residue is left.

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