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Do you want to be a PA in London?

With a rising number of people now interested in becoming personal assistants in London, competition has never been tougher – Therefore those considering applying for jobs just think carefully and ensure that they make no mistakes. Today we are here to provide tips and advice from a PA agency in London, and will be discussing not only what it takes to become a fabulous standout PA, but also information regarding how to ensure applications and perfect.

Firstly, let us look at the roles in which PA’s are often required to carry out… (Bear in mind that the better you are at these tasks, the greater PA you will be):

  • Acting as the first point of contact for many
  • Dealing with correspondence and phone calls
  • Managing diaries, organizing meetings and booking appointments
  • Arranging and booking travel, transportations and accommodation
  • Organising conferences and events
  • Keeping managers in the loop about important tasks and deadlines
  • Typing and compiling reports and presentations
  • Managing filing systems and databases
  • Implementing and maintaining procedures and systems within the workplace
  • Liaising with staff, supervisors and people outside of the business
  • Collating and filing expenses

These are only some of the tasks in which PA’s are generally required to carry out too, miscellaneous tasks to support managers are often carried out, varying from business to business. As you can see however traits in which PA’s should carry include confidence, organisation, communication and attention to detail.

Improve your chances of getting the PA job you really want

Whether you have seen a PA role vacancy that you would like to apply for, or you are simply looking to land the greatest PA role possible – The following tips might be beneficial to you:

  • Ensure that you CV is as perfect as possible and that it stands out in all of the right ways. You want it to tell potential employees why you are the best person for the vacancy, personalising your CV for every role that you apply for
  • Consider taking extracurricular courses to give you the edge over your competitors. Some of the courses that you might consider include Excel courses, Microsoft suite courses and social media courses. You might also want to consider putting time and effort into learning about new and innovative software’s which could enhance your PA skills
  • Consider contacting a recruitment agency to get details about the best and most recent vacancies. Recruiters often have access to job vacancies that are not advertised to the public

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