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Check These 5 Things before Choosing Self-Storage Facilities

Self-storage facilities are incredibly useful for anyone looking for an organized home. If you have furniture and goods that you don’t need right away, it makes sense to keep them safe. Instead of cluttering the house, you can hire a unit or container with one of the self-storage facilities and store all the essentials for as long as needed. Apart from organization, these services are also handy for shifting homes and cities. However, choosing a company for storage units Newark can be complicated and confusing. There are some essential aspects that must be considered, and it makes sense to be cautious as a consumer. In this post, we will talk of these basic aspects and few tips that may come handy for your search.

  1. First and foremost, don’t go by ads. Many companies spend a massive amount on their marketing efforts, while their services remain as shabby as ever. A better idea is to ask your friends and family for references. However, if you are checking online, it is best to ask the concerned company to shell a few regular client names in your area. Look for services that are willing to cooperate with your needs and requirements.
  1. Don’t choose a company that doesn’t offer a quote for their units. Usually, customers call these storage services with their needs, and the concerned company sends their executives to check the goods. Based on the amount of storage space needed, the cost and size of the unit is decided. There are some standard sizes for these units, depending on the facility. The cost or amount for each month is decided on the size of the unit and overall requirements. If you need a unit for long term rental, the prices may be a tad better.

  1. Many people store their goods at different self-storage services because of security. For example, if you want to keep your unused car for next three months, a proper storage facility will be a much better option than the parking lot of your community. This is the precise reason, why you should keep a check on the security measures of the concerned service. Do they have CCTV cameras? How many people work with them? Do they adequate care of the premises? Ask these questions before choosing a service.
  1. One of the other things that need attention is maintenance and hygiene. In many storage facilities, the problem of pest and rodent infestation is pretty common, and therefore, these companies often spend a good amount in overall maintenance and upkeep. When you check a facility, do take a note of the cleanliness factor.

  1. Lastly, you need to know the working hours of the company and whether they offer assistance with packaging, pickup and delivery. Make sure that you choose a service that’s flexible and easy to access. Their working hours should be well spanned for customers to access the units. Also, the quality of customer assistance in case of damage and theft is also very important.

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