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A Guide to Hosting a Small Business Live Event

This is perhaps a risky way to enhance your branding, but as many entrepreneurs would say, fortune favours the brave. Hosting a promotional event at an early stage can really boost your image, and providing you have the right products or services, you have the basics for creating live event. Here are a few things to bear in mind when organising such an event, and hopefully your presentation will be a winner.

Essential Equipment

One way or another, you will need the right equipment, and there are conference audio visual specialists who can handle anything from a small get together to a 500 guest presentation. Your message is important and only with the best audio visual equipment can you expect to deliver your presentation in a clear and powerful way. If you are using a hotel conference room, they would have access to anything you might need, which is why many small businesses use their services.

Event Promotion

Without this, there will hardly be anybody attending, and once you have defined exactly who your target audience is, then you have to figure out the best way to reach them. Of course, your company website should carry the details of the event, and if you have a social media presence, this would also be a very effective way to promote your event.

Measuring Success

Knowing exactly how effective a live event was, can be a difficult thing to calculate, and by having a professional videographer record the entire event, you will be able to analyse the response at various times, and the next event will be better for this. You might also be able to live stream the event through Facebook and really get a return on your investment by reaching many people.

Create the Right Program

From start to finish, the event should be timed and choreographed, and with dynamic content and professional delivery, the event will be a success. The content very much depends on the audience, but as a general rule, it isn’t a good idea to keep things on a serious level, so try to vary the program to allow the audience to relax a little.

Set your Objectives

There should be firm goals set, which might be to hit a sales target on the day, or to make face to face contact with your existing customers, and with the right handouts and interaction, you will get a return on your investment. Entertainment should be in there somewhere, especially if it is a long program, and a well-timed refreshment break will ensure your audience doesn’t reach the boredom stage.

It can be easy to overspend, as we are trying to impress, but your budget should not be exceeded, if possible, and with the right planning and some careful outsourcing, you will manage to put together a successful live event that will only bring positive results for the business.

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