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8 Videography Tips for Beginners

Videos are effective communication channels with immense power to change lives. Your moment to blow up the internet seems far off as you start your videography journey but it shouldn’t be that far off. Muster the right skills and expertise to be a pro. Your beginner guide to videography success is listed below:

  1. Get the right equipment

Great videography requires skills and the right equipment to give the desired output. Technology has increased access to better photography and videography equipment and the camera or camcorder doesn’t have to be the most expensive one. Seattle video production companies promote videographers and even offer training using excellent video recorders and cameras. Get a DSLR camera.

  1. Stabilization

Your video shoot’s success depends on stability.  Compared to photography, a videographer captures motions. Your ability to keep the camera steady during shoots is a top priority. Start out with tripods if you cannot hold still. Videography doesn’t provide the high shutter speeds compensation offered in photography. Shoulder rigs are affordable and provide an alternative to tripods.

  1. Headroom

You cannot cut off part of the subject’s head. A Seattle training video company emphasizes this mistake because it is often repeated. Learn from your mistakes and keep taking shots until you figure out the exact size of headroom you should allow. Your work’s quality is gauged by the headroom you give. Do not miss big opportunities by underestimating the headroom.

  1. Shooting in low light situations

Say you are using a DSLR, the most common and the best camera for a videographer. Your video quality in low light situations depends on the aperture’s size. Your camera’s aperture size should be as wide as possible for usable footage. Only use the professional zoom lens option when you have a camera with an aperture as wide as f/2.8.  If you use a full frame camera, your video quality and flexibility is higher.

  1. Manual auto-focus (with DSLR video)

Do not rely on auto-focus. Every videography trainer in a renowned Seattle training video company admonishes the practice and beginners using auto-focus are considered lazy. Complete shooting control invideography is achieved through manual shooting. In a manual auto-focus shooting, you decide what to shoot and the camera cannot make that decision on its own.

  1. Close-ups and backgrounds

The best Seattle video production companies and videographers are known for their close-up shots. You don’t have to take shots of facial hairs but closer subject shots communicate stronger messages. Your opportunity to shine depends on such close-up shots. Don’t waste chances or great video moments glancing and shooting subjects plus their surroundings. Tight shots represent high-quality videos. Focus on detail and avoid distractive backgrounds. Don’t make your subject uncomfortable.

  1. Microphones

Use an external microphone if you have access to one. Your microphone must be close to the subject. Invest in high-quality headphones while shooting.

  1. Lighting

Your outdoor shoot should be done with the sun behind your back. You must remain inconspicuous to capture the subject’s best behavior.

Videography is beautiful. Your ability to being the best depends on your willingness to learn from your mistakes, and learn continually. Beginner training materials vary and the tips above are tips of the iceberg. Learn from your mentors and invest in good a good education and equipment.


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